Referring to tourist attractions in Da Nang, you are probably too familiar with famous destinations such as: Ba Na Hills, My Khe beach, Son Tra peninsula, Dragon bridge, Love bridge… Recently, many young people travel enthusiasts have discovered more than 5 Da Nang tourist attractions for free and all the best, guaranteed to take super beautiful photos and have fun.


1. Dragon Bridge


In Da Nang, there are many famous bridges, in which, the Dragon Bridge is the most known and is considered the symbol of the city that attracts Da Nang tourists. This is also the coordinates of the free check-in point in Da Nang for you. True to its name, Dragon Bridge has the shape of a dragon up to 666m long, opened to traffic for the first time in 2013. Located right in the city center, crossing the Han River, it has a striking design with a golden color. So it’s not surprising that Dragon Bridge produces many amazing virtual live photos. Visitors can check-in at Dragon Bridge at any time. However, Dragon Bridge has a unique fire and water spraying system every Saturday or Sunday. You can visit this popular bridge at this time to get the most chill photos.

2. Tien Son UFOs


The name UFOs is quite interesting because it has the same shape as the name itself. This place holds activities and exchanges, and is one of the free check-in points in Da Nang. Inside is the place where big events like the Sky Tour of Son Tung M-TP take place. Despite being so majestic, check-in here is completely free and has quality photos.


3. Top of the Chessboard


Ban Co Peak – The free check-in place in Da Nang is also one of the destinations that are very popular with young people, especially those who have a passion for mountains. Ban Co Peak is in the highest position of Son Tra peninsula, so when standing here you can see the whole scene of Da Nang city and experience that feeling of hunting clouds. What is more wonderful is when in the morning you can breathe the fresh air with the taste of the sea, in the afternoon you can see the romantic colors spread everywhere, coming here without living a virtual life is a pity dental.


4. Chicken Church


A free check-in point is also quite familiar to Da Nang tourists. Da Nang Cathedral, also known as Chicken Church. The church is in Gothic style with soaring lines and oval arches. Inside the church, there are pictures and icons illustrating biblical events following the motifs of Western churches. Whether in front, on the side or behind the church, anywhere you will find a beautiful angle to freely pose. Address: 156 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang. About 15 minutes from Da Nang International Airport.


5 Love Bridge


Love Bridge is one of the free check-in places in Da Nang chosen by many young people. Not only beautiful scenery, and free virtual live photos, but you also get a keychain to mark your name on this bridge. The bridge is designed in the shape of an arc, facing the middle of the river and has many spaces to admire the beauty of the Han River banks. In particular, in the evening, hundreds of red heart-shaped lanterns are lit, reflecting on the water surface creating an extremely romantic scene here.


6.Green Lake


Coming to one of the next 10 free check-in points is Green Lake, another name is Bai But Lake, located right on the way to Son Tra. This place has such a unique name because the water of the lake is always blue as jade, you can see the beautiful coral reefs on the bottom of the lake. With the blend of nature and plants, creating a charming and attractive beauty, adorned with bamboo bridges, canoes, and bamboo rafts to the middle of the lake for you to take pictures freely. choke. In addition, you can also plan camping or picnics here.


7. Children’s Cultural Palace


Children’s Cultural Palace is the last point of 10 free check-in locations in Da Nang that Truong Sa Tourist would like to introduce to you. This place attracts many tourists to visit and explore, especially young people who love to take pictures of “virtual life”. With outstanding colors and funny shapes, the design concept is taken from the game “TANGRAM” to create a new and unique background for you to freely pose. Besides, this place also has other learning and entertainment areas such as libraries and classrooms to meet the purposes of learning, playing and entertaining children.


8. Hai Van Pass


Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful passes in our country and the world and is known as the most dangerous pass. When you come to Hai Van pass, you will feel your emotions from time to time, when you depart, you will feel very curious, then when you go to steep, winding places, you will switch to a state of recovery. box.

About 20km from Da Nang, you will encounter Hai Van Pass, for convenience to see and see, it is best to take vehicles such as trains, planes. How to catch the beautiful scenery here, you must be present at the top of the pass at dawn or dusk, then the scenery is blurred and you can take beautiful pictures, breathe the atmosphere. clean Air. When you come here, you can’t help but reward yourself with a cup of coffee bought at the top of the pass to watch the scenery while sipping a cup of coffee.


9. My Khe Beach


My Khe Beach always puts its name on the list of places to check-in for free in Da Nang that is most liked by tourists. Arriving at My Khe beach, you will be conquered at first sight with the clear blue sea color combined with a very charming stretch of fine sand. At this beautiful beach, you can not only get vitamin sea into your body, enjoy delicious food, but also have a beautiful check-in


10. Obama Rock


Referring to the free check-in places in Da Nang without mentioning Obama Rock is extremely lacking. This is a rocky beach with beautiful scenery, the color of the clear blue sea is adorned with dark rocks to make it more prominent, in the afternoon come sit on the rock to watch the peaceful scenery offshore at sunset. There’s nothing better than a kiss. Moreover, there are also many beautiful photo corners for you to live virtual such as wooden bridges, windmills, etc.


Above are the free check-in places in Da Nang, hopefully these “sanctuaries for virtual people” will help you have “so deep” and “so beautiful” pictures. Wish you have a trip to Da Nang full of joy and many memorable memories.

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