If you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang, surely this beautiful small city will not disappoint you by its fresh space, delicious specialties and the cuteness of the people here. Not only that, you will also experience and explore the beautiful scenes that nature offers along with unique architectural works, promising to give you countless virtual living corners when you visit Da Nang. Here are the latest and hottest places for your reference.




Although it is not splendid, Da Nang Bai Chay still attracts many young people. It is simply a burning lawn, nestled next to that majestic mountain, but when it comes to the picture, it is extremely smooth. To get here, you just need to run along the Hoang Sa road, follow the direction to Linh Ung Pagoda and you will see it right away. Only from the old colors from the burned grass, Bai Chay is extremely suitable for those ghostly, dusty or lovely photo shoots.


2. Cacti Field


Cactus field is a brand new check-in place that has just been discovered by young people in Da Nang. The beauty of this field made people stir and was immediately assigned the name “Seoul field”. To get to the cactus field, you follow Vo Nguyen Giap street – towards Hoi An. About 4km from the welcome gate of Quang Nam province, you will see Thuy Chung coffee shop (right on the right). From here, run another 200m, you will see a small alley leading to the sea on the other side of the road. This is the way that leads you to a world of green cactus bushes next to the vast beach singing a hello summer song.




Hai Van Pass has never been out of the list of beautiful photography places in Da Nang. And even though there are many new check-in points every day, this pass still has a great attraction. Strangely, on that pass, visitors will always be surprised because every section has great spots. The corner of the U-shaped “death”, Hai Van Quan, the arch bridge, the lonely pine tree or most recently, the coffee shop Hon Da Cu Rua are places where many lightning friends check in.




The Golden Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Called the Golden Bridge because it is mainly decorated with yellow colors. It is located on a high mountain, with charming scenery. The Golden Bridge has become a tourist symbol of Da Nang city, this can be considered as the best check-in place in Da Nang. The bridge is in a very high position, so visitors can stand to check-in the whole city, the surrounding scenery seems to be reduced to eye level. On sunny days, the sun shines on the bridge, emitting a magical light, extremely beautiful. That is the best moment of virtual life photography.

Address: Located in Ba Na resort, Da Nang, Vietnam.


5. Apec Park


Da Nang Apec Park was built on an area of 8,668m2, right on the left bank of the Han River, adjacent to the APEC statue garden, right on the 2/9 riverside road in the territory of Hai Chau district. This is a large complex of green parks, gardens, walkways, and lawns creating a very beautiful scene, the upgraded design from low to high also brings impressive images.

The unique design along with the beautiful landscape at Apec Park Da Nang is the highlight that makes this place attract many people to visit and check-in even though it has just opened. This is also one of the tourist attractions in Da Nang that promises to attract many tourists to visit in the near future.




 The list of beautiful photography locations in Da Nang always calls the name of the park 7 wonders of the world. This place converges famous works around the world such as the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall, Alexandria Lighthouse, Arc de Triomphe, etc. In particular, these miniature works are mastered. mainly from baked bricks, by skillful and elaborate hands from domestic artisans. Now you don’t have to go far, right in Da Nang you can check in with the great works of the world.




Although located near Hoi An Covered Bridge, the gate of Ba Mu Pagoda is always on the top of the beautiful photography places in Da Nang. Built in 1626, although it has been restored many times, but due to the impact of history and many other reasons, Ba Mu Pagoda was completely destroyed, leaving only the main gate.

In 2016, it was repaired and built many new items such as lakes, flower beds, and lawns on December 4, 2018, Ba Mu Pagoda was officially inaugurated and welcomed visitors to visit. mandarin. Immediately after its launch, the extremely unique Tam Quan gate of this temple has become a new virtual living spot for young people in Da Nang.




 Located on the banks of the Han River with an area stretching over 860,000m2, Asia Park – Asia Park is one of the leading amusement parks in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with countless outdoor games. and vibrant indoor, interesting cultural space and giant Sun Wheel in the top 10 largest wheels in the world. In addition, the landscape inside and outside the park is also very beautiful, very suitable as a background for the virtual live photos of young people.




Thuan Phuoc Field appears as a Swiss suburban farm in the heart of Da Nang. Designed and decorated with typical images of windmills, cherry blossom gardens, piled dry straw, yellowed hay along the way, small wooden fences painted in bright white, and houses European character.

Coming here, you will feel a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, with only nature, no hustle and bustle. This is a place that attracts a lot of people to come here to take pictures, have a picnic, even take wedding photos and shoot MVs.




With a 3-storey design, although not completed, the “skylight” tunnel has a luxurious space like in Europe, which has attracted a lot of attention from young people. check-in, take beautiful photos. Especially when it starts to turn dark, the street lights shine down into the basement creating a unique beautiful scene, like a movie set in the heart of the city.

Above are the hottest places in Da Nang waiting for you to check in. This city still has a lot of beautiful – unique – strange spots to explore. Hope you have a great experience here.

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