Experienced Da Nang from A to Z ( update 2022)

Da Nang is a convergence of pristine beauty, where the sea is parallel to the mountains and hills, and there are streams all year round with white foam, creating a charming feng shui picture. This place not only has extremely beautiful natural scenery that nature has bestowed on this place, but when it comes to Da Nang, we are also known for many special festivals…so let us know that. Share your Da Nang travel experience from a to z through this article. 




Da Nang is a city in the South Central region, so it has a typical tropical monsoon climate, high temperature and little fluctuation. Each year, there are two distinct seasons: the rainy season from August to December and the dry season from January to July. To avoid the effects of storms, the best time to visit Da Nang is from February to August. annual. However, if you want to travel economically, you should go from January to April because at this time the air in Da Nang is quite cool, with only mild sunshine, not too hot, no storms and that is a great advantage. Special love for tourists, especially those who are passionate about experiencing the outdoor natural scenery. and especially the service price is softer than from June to August.




Da Nang with a convenient transportation system and wide roads, so there are many means of transportation here, you can easily choose for yourself the following means of transportation when coming to Da Nang.

Train: Taking the train from Hanoi or Saigon to Da Nang takes about 14 – 20 hours depending on how slow or fast the train is. Going from Saigon takes longer because of the longer distance.

– Fares from Hanoi to Da Nang: 300 – 650,000 VND depending on the type of seat.

– Fares from Saigon to Da Nang from: 900 – 1,300,000 VND depending on the type of seat.

Airplane: This is the most convenient means of transport that most customers choose. From Hanoi to Da Nang, airfares range from VND 700,000 to VND 2,200,000, depending on the airline. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Da Nang. Same for the Saigon – Da Nang route

Passenger cars: Buses to Da Nang are usually North-South sleeper buses. Ticket price and quality are not much different, you can refer to the ticket prices of airlines: Hoang Long, Mai Linh, Hlink, Thuan Thao, Phuong Trang, Sinh Cafe…

– In Hanoi, you can catch a bus to Da Nang at Giap Bat station, Nuoc Ngam bus station.

– In Saigon, you buy tickets at Mien Dong bus station.

Fares range from 500,000 to 700,000 VND, and travel time is from 18 to 20 hours for the Hanoi/Saigon to Da Nang trip.

Note: You should buy in advance, or call the bus operator in advance to avoid the situation of running out of tickets. Or get in a cramped car.




Motorbike: will be a super convenient means of transportation and easy to explore the attractions of Da Nang. Renting a motorbike, you can freely enjoy the scenery on all roads. It can be rented at hotels or motorbike rental points, priced from 90,000 VND – 150,000 VND/car/day. You can rent a car is also an option chosen by many people when traveling to Da Nang because the weather in Da Nang is quite sunny in the summer, depending on your budget.

Some points for motorbike rental in Da Nang you can refer to:

Ngu Hanh Son District: Lam Nguyen motorbike rental company, Tel: 0942.35.35.35 and 0965.977.768 (Meet Anh Do) – Address: Ho Huan Nghiep Street – Ngu Hanh Son

Son Tra District: Binh Minh Motorcycle Company: 0986.86.29.86 – 0938.006.843 (Anh Khoa). Address: 82 Thach Lam, Son Tra, Da Nang, close to My Khe beach.

Hai Chau District: Anh Tuan Motorbike Company near Danang airport. Address 143/16 Tieu La. Contact: 0905.70.80.90 (A. Tuan) or 0988,000.835 – 0988,000,875 (Hoang Anh)

Some popular taxi companies in Da Nang you can refer to:

  • Mai Linh Taxi – 0236.
  • Tien Sa Taxi – 0236.
  • Air Taxi (Airport Taxi) – 0236.
  • Han River Taxi – 0236.
  • Vinasun Green Taxi – 0236. VND




Han River Bridge: Han River Bridge was built on the main axis of Bach Dang Street, One of the most special bridges in Vietnam and in the world, the bridge has the ability to change direction, every night, the Han River Bridge returns. rotated 90 degrees around the centerline of the bridge to allow large ships to pass. Accordingly, the Han River Bridge rotates from 23h to 24h on two Saturdays and Sundays every week (1 hour earlier than before). At the same time, stop the means of traffic passing through the bridge 15 minutes before the time the bridge starts to rotate until the time for the bridge to turn is over.

Address: At the beginning of Le Duan street

Dragon Bridge: Directly connecting the road from Da Nang airport to My Khe and Non Nuoc beaches. The “dragon” on the bridge has the ability to spew fire and water very magically at 9pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Address: The tail bridge is opposite the preserved sculpture art.

Love Bridge Da Nang: Prominent on the banks of the Han River, Love Bridge brings a romantic atmosphere and is a place where many couples come to a keychain and keep their love memories. Besides, there is also the famous symbol “Carp turns into dragon” of Da Nang city. This is a very popular check-in place.

Con Market: Have you heard of Danang culinary paradise? That’s right, Con Market is the gathering place of hundreds of specialty dishes of this region such as Quang noodles, pork rolls, Xeo Cake, veal, fish vermicelli, vermicelli, sesame dry cakes, and Nam O fish sauce. This is not only a place to shop for locals but also for a lot of tourists, especially young people who “hunt” and buy gifts to give to their loved ones.

Address: Con Cho is in Hai Chau II ward, Hai Chau district, located at the intersection of Hung Vuong – Ong Ich Khiem street.

Son Tra Peninsula/Monkey Mountain: Considered the “green lung” of Da Nang, with a long, winding coastline, and diverse flora and fauna. The peninsula is located in Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district with an area of ​​4,439 hectares of land. 10km east of Da Nang city center, this place has a long, clear blue sea all year round, along with Hai Van pass that surrounds Da Nang city and Da Nang bay.

Dong Dinh Museum: To get here, you keep running along the coastal road Vo Nguyen Giap -> Hoang Sa then at the junction you continue to run in the direction of Hoang Sa, this is also the road you will conquer. the whole Son Tra peninsula is coming. But first, after turning right at the Le Van Luong – Hoang Sa junction, you continue to run for about 2.5 km, you will see across the street there is a stone stele stating “DONG DINH MUSEUM”, there will be a steep road. A small road on the side of the mountain leads you to the museum gate, it looks a bit mysterious at first, but the museum is located right behind the small road.

Linh Ung Pagoda: Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda, also known as Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda (distinguished from Linh Ung Ngu Hanh Son Pagoda and Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda) is the largest temple in Da Nang city both in size and architecture. art architecture. In the direction of Hoang Sa Street, after running for a while, you will see a statue of Quan Am Buddha appearing. That is Linh Ung Bai But pagoda.

Table Co Peak: There are many ways to go to Ban Co Peak, but perhaps the most popular route as well as convenient for people to experience many other tourist attractions is from Linh Ung Pagoda you keep running. At the end of Hoang Sa road, you will encounter a fork, where there are two directions. Turning right will lead you to the Thousand-Year-Old Banyan Tree and Cape Nghe. Turning left is the road that leads us to the top of Ban Co Peak, to run this road, you should firmly steer.

Marble Mountains: Not too far from the city center, only about 7km away, located next to Non Nuoc tourist area. Ngu Hanh Son looks like a rockery emerging from the vast sand dunes created by five rocky mountains. Tourists coming here often visit Thuy Son big mountain, Tam Thai pagoda, Huyen Khong cave, Linh Nham cave, Van Thong cave, Lang Hu cave, Van Nguyet Cave…




My Khe Beach: 3km from Da Nang city center, cross the Han River turning bridge, go straight on Pham Van Dong main road about 1.5 km to the east, you will reach My Khe. This beach is famous for its fine white sand, mild waves, and warm water all year round, surrounded by romantic coconut trees. In particular, My Khe was once voted by Forbes as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet.

Pham Van Dong Beach: This is a public beach built with a cost of 12 billion VND, a place that attracts local residents and tourists everywhere. Location: Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, at East Sea Park.




Non Nuoc stone carving village is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists to visit and buy souvenirs with a variety of fine art products made of marble such as Buddha statues, saints, human statues, statues. animals, bracelets…

Cam Ne mat village: 14km southwest of Da Nang city center, this is a famous craft village with traditional flower mats that were present in the inner court of the Nguyen kings, with the advantage of summer on The mat is cool and winter is warm, with the sweet scent of the grasslands




Ba Na Hills – Road to Tien Canh: Dubbed as a fairyland in the middle of real life. Ba Na Hills is an extremely famous tourist destination in Da Nang. A place that you should not miss when traveling here. The current ticket at Ba Na Hills is 750,000 VND / 1 ticket. The road up here is quite spacious and airy, so you can move up here by motorbike or car and then buy a cable car ticket to the top of Ba Na.

Hoi An Ancient Town: From Da Nang to Hoi An only 25km by road. I think you should go to Hoi An in the evening is the most beautiful. Hoi An night is very beautiful with shimmering and fanciful lanterns. Here you can sit on a boat to drop lanterns on the Thu Bon river, visit souvenir shops and enjoy art shows, etc.


Hai Van Pass: Hai Van is known as the most dangerous pass in the Central region with cold bends, but in return, you will experience the clouds, wind and sea as its name Hai Van. The 21km long winding road crosses the Truong Son mountain range and just borders the East Sea.

Nam O Reef: Distance from center of lane g Nam O (Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang – located between Da Nang and Hai Van pass) about 2km to the southeast has a strip of reefs, fishermen in the area called Nam O reef. Nam O Reef has a lot of algae, so it is home to many precious fish and seafood species.



Quang noodles: Da Nang is the paradise of Quang noodles, with hundreds of shops and restaurants all over the city. Quang noodles are sold in the morning until around 9am – 10am at Hoang Dieu, Phan Thanh, Trung Nu Vuong, Hoang Hoa Tham streets; Some places sell all day like on Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Cong Tru streets. The price varies depending on the place, depending on the size of the bowl, about 15,000 – 35,000 VND / bowl

Pork rice paper: To round out the taste, you should choose a restaurant on Chau Thi Vinh Te or Hai Phong, Duy Tan, Le Duan, Do Thuc Thinh … with prices ranging from 30,000 – 80,000 VND. Rice paper rolls with pork at Mau restaurant, 35 Do Thuc Tinh, Tran rice paper at 4 Le Duan.

Fish noodle soup: The shop on Hoang Dieu street (right next to Hoang Anh Gia Lai building) sells all day from 7am to 9pm; shop selling all night on Hung Vuong street; The shop only sells in the morning from 6am to 10am on Tran Cao Van Street (opposite Tam Toa market). Price from 15,000 VND/bowl. Fish noodle soup heirloom 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh – Hai Chau district. Price: 20 thousand/regular bowl and 25 thousand/special bowl; Service time is from 6 am to 10pm, peak hours are 7am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm.

Banh Xeo: Price of banh xeo from 5,000 VND/piece on Hoang Dieu street, Hai Phong… Banh xeo Ba Duong in masterpiece 11 (alley/alley 11) Hoang Dieu street, new address: K280/23 Hoang Dieu. Note: there are a number of other shops also opened before, so you should pay attention to the nameplate to enter correctly.

Banh beo: Not to mention the street vendors, the Beo cake area in Con market (Hung Vuong street gate), Hoang Dieu, Hai Phong, Ong Ich Khiem (sold from noon, only from September to February every year)… are the place to try. Each cup of Beo cake is only about 1,500 VND.

Nam O fish salad: Nam O fish salad, you must go to Nam O area to enjoy it properly. Or else, you can go to Nguyen Tat Thanh or Nam O bridge and order a portion from 40,000 VND.

Da Nang Banh Da Nang: Da Nang Banh Da Nang is strange in that, sesame rice paper is baked and then covered with a thin layer of rice flour cake-like wet cake, put on it a few cloves, a little green onion, a little peanut, fried onion… So break a corner of the cake to taste Da Nang’s special dipping sauce and eat it. Crispy, fragrant, delicious battered cake served with delicious dipping sauce.

Banh Canh Da Nang: If you want to change your taste a bit, then Hue Cuon cake in Da Nang can be an interesting choice. Still the broth is stewed from bones with a sweet and delicious taste, but in addition to pork, Da Nang’s specialty Banh Canh also has fish cakes, crab meat, quail eggs, … which are both strange and delicious



What to buy in Da Nang as a gift is a question that many people are interested in. If you think that you can only buy seafood in the sea, you are wrong, Da Nang has many other delicious specialties that you can buy as gifts for family and friends. You can refer to some dishes such as:

One-day squid – Da Nang specialty: Famous for its sea with fresh seafood, when traveling to Da Nang, you can buy one-day squid as a gift. One-sun squid is selected from the best squid, dried in the hot sun, and dried only once, so it still retains the soft sweetness of the squid.

Steamed squid with coconut water in Da Nang: Fresh squid can be used to cook any dish extremely well. Squid is cleaned and then steamed with coconut water and squid meat because it’s sweet and fragrant. Once you eat it, you can’t forget it. After steaming, people tear the squid and close it into a jar, you can eat it with chili sauce or eat it unevenly.

Da Nang beef jerky: Although the appearance looks a lot like the beef leg of the North or the harrow gear in Thanh Hoa, the ingredients that make up the Da Nang beef patty are not the same and have a completely unique flavor. other. You can use this dish as a drink to sip with a very mouth-watering beer.

Tre Ba De: Tre Ba De is considered one of the famous heirloom specialties in Da Nang. The product is made from lean pork and thinly sliced ​​pork belly, marinated in spices, then wrapped in banana leaves and incubated for 2-3 days before it can be eaten.

Da Nang sesame dry cake: It can be said that this is one of the heirloom specialties of the coastal city of Da Nang. The cake has a crispy, spongy texture combined with the sweetness and aroma of sesame to create an unforgettable delicious taste.

Squid rim me milk: Another very easy-to-find specialty for those who do not know what to buy when traveling to Da Nang is rim me milk squid – a specialty you can find at any market in Da Nang. . The squid chosen to make this dish must be milk squid, combined with ingredients such as sesame, thick tamarind sauce and some other flavors. When eaten, it has the aroma of sesame, the slight sourness and sweetness of the squid. This dish can be eaten alone or with rice.

Nam O fish sauce Da Nang: Going to the beach, you absolutely do not forget the fish sauce, especially Nam O fish sauce. Over 30 years of establishment and development, Nam O fish-sauce village is known by both domestic and foreign people for its quality and delicious taste.




Of course, anyone who buys Da Nang specialties as a gift hopes the recipient will be happy, satisfied and have a good experience. However, not every place that sells specialties to you is sure to bring the quality you expect. How to choose to buy specialties in Da Nang as gifts of both quality and peace of mind?

First, you should always read reviews, find out the delicacies and products to buy before you buy. Why? Reading reviews and researching in advance will save you a lot of time choosing. Besides, you will also know better the characteristics of the dish such as whether it can be transported by plane, how many months the shelf life is, how to store it to avoid damage or even where to sell it. and quality.

Second, listen to the locals. Since we come from another city, choosing and shopping will not be easy. Ask a few locals about reputable and delicious specialty stores to buy instead of going to a random store!

Third, if it’s too difficult, go to the market. Of particular note to you is that in Da Nang, there are 2 extremely old and busy markets, namely Han market and Con market. You can buy Da Nang specialties at the Han market, but you should ask the price first and if the price is too high compared to the ground, you should bargain.

Another small note is that you should not shop in the early morning or early afternoon, if you open the goods and pay the price, the salesgirls are not friendly. Con market is famous for its cuisine, you can enjoy many delicious dishes there and buy specialties of dry food and seafood as gifts.


Finally, if you are afraid to haggle when entering the market, or shopping in supermarkets be assured of both quality and price safety. Some supermarkets offer Da Nang specialties quite well, such as Thien Phu Central Specialty Supermarket, Da Nang Specialty Ba Hoa, Huong Da Specialty, Dai Loc Phat Supermarket.


With the above useful information, you are ready for your Danang trip. Wishing you all the best travel and a perfect vacation.

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