As one of the cities that has been developing very strongly in terms of the tourism industry, Da Nang is full of many factors that make everyone feel excited when coming here. Stretching beaches close to the city center, exploring the high mountains or unique bridges in Vietnam along with high-class resorts, this is also a city full of people,… all has made a Da Nang – “The most livable city in Vietnam”.

Not only that, Da Nang is proud to be recognized by the world for its top achievements, let’s take a look at the best things in Da Nang city to better understand why this place has become a frequent destination for tourists. domestic and foreign tourists


1. Become one of the 20 cleanest cities in the world


“One of the 20 cleanest cities in the world” was affirmed at the 44th Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum or APEC energy conference in Washington, the USA in 2012.

In the criteria for evaluating and classifying clean cities, Da Nang city of our country is recognized as one of 20 cities in the world with the lowest content of carbon elements in emissions to the outside environment. And thanks to this recognition, our city is increasingly becoming an ideal destination for many tourists and always strives to become a civilized, clean, and environmentally friendly


2. My Khe Beach – The longest and most charming beach in the world


In 2003, Forbes – America’s leading prestigious magazine – put My Khe in one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet. My Khe is famous for its fine white sand beaches, mild waves, warm blue water and romantic coconut trees surrounded. My Khe beach is so beautiful in every dawn, like a blue silk strip stretching to the horizon. This place is more attractive when the sunset falls with a calm and peaceful scene. In addition, the level of sea waves and sunshine is suitable for beach sports, safe for visitors, plus luxury resorts, international standard villas… even more helps My Khe score points in your eyes. International friends


3. Dragon Bridge – The most impressive design in the world


In 2014, the Viralnova site voted 30 most beautiful and impressive bridges on the planet. There are classic, tiny, beautiful bridges but there are also large bridges with modern designs that impress anyone who admires and sets foot across them! And among the 30 most impressive bridges in the world, the Dragon Bridge of Da Nang, Vietnam was honored to be named at number 19 and mentioned for its modern beauty and impressive ability to spray fire and water. every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.

CNN considers Dragon Bridge not only one of the most typical and unique architectural works of Vietnam, but also a “symbol of prosperity” of the whole of Asia. In addition, the lighting design system of the Dragon Bridge was also honored by the Association of Professional Lighting Designers, which is one of the most important awards of the world architecture industry. The organizers of the award ceremony said that the bridge’s lighting system was “smartly done, showing a very unique national identity”      


4. Sun Wheel – Top 10 Largest Wheels in the World


The Sun Wheel has a height of 115m, with a period of 15 minutes for the journey to discover the magnificence of a modern and luxurious coastal city with a lighting system stretching across the city to create a beautiful atmosphere. Very vivid color picture. The weight of the rotation is up to 980 tons, including 64 cabins, each cabin holds 6 people. Total capacity up to 384 people for a rotation within 15 minutes. It is known that the technical team needed 13,000 LED bulbs to light up the Sun Wheel, creating a very poetic and majestic scene..

This can be considered as one of the most interesting architectures and attractions of Da Nang because it is recognized as one of the top 10 highest wheels in the world.   


5. Da Nang has the most luxurious resort in the world


The prestigious World Travel Awards on hotel tourism this year was awarded to InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Customer satisfaction is the most important criterion from which to find the best unit. And overcoming many strong competitors in the world, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort has affirmed its class and quality. The resort located on Son Tra peninsula with a view overlooking the East Sea is a delicate work of art that carries the breath of traditional Vietnamese culture, combined with the modern and elegant features of the luxurious architecture. , level


6. Ba Na Hills Cable Car – The longest cable car in Southeast Asia


Possessing 4 world records, Ba Na cable car has just been voted by CNN as one of the 10 most impressive cable cars in the world. The ranking of the 10 most impressive cable cars in the world voted by CNN, includes: Peak2peak (Whistler, Canada), Titlis Rotair (Mount Titlis, Switzerland), Mi Teleferico (La Paz, Bolivia), mountain cable car Sugarloaf (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Vanoise Express (Les Arcs, France), Palm Springs Aerial Tramway (California, USA), Ba Na Hills cable car (Da Nang, Vietnam), Stanserhorn Cabrio (Lucerne, Switzerland), Skyline Queenstown (New Zealand) and The Ngong Ping 360 (Hong Kong). The Guinness World Record has recognized Ba Na Cable Car to achieve 4 Guinness records in the following categories: longest cable length in the world (5,771.61 meters); cable route with the largest height difference on a journey in the world (1,368.93 meters); The cable route with the longest total cable length of all types of cable cars currently available in the world is 11,587 m and the heaviest cable route in the world (141.24 tons).


7. The most attractive tourist destination on the planet


TripAdvisor page – a reputable website about tourism, has published a list of the top 10 most attractive new places in the world. Including: Da Nang, Sihanoukville (Cambodia); Limassol (Cyprus); Ao Nang (Thailand); Bodrum (Turkey); Naha (Japan); Hurghada (Egypt); Kazan (Russia); Manaus (Brazil) and Eilat (Israel). In the list of nominees, the place that receives the most love and votes from tourists is Da Nang city, Vietnam.

Besides, CNN has reported that Da Nang is famous for its temples, pagodas, shrines, peaceful beaches and extremely friendly people. The above list is compiled through the feedback and reviews of travelers who have visited different places around the world.


8. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – The longest suspension bridge in Vietnam


Started construction in January 2003 with an investment of nearly 1,000 billion VND from the city budget, after its inaugurating in July 2009, Thuan Phuoc bridge became the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam with 1,856 m. The light design idea for Thuan Phuoc bridge is with the image of a bird’s wings reaching out to the sea, symbolizing the will and desire for continuous development of Da Nang people.


9. Han River Bridge – The only turning bridge in Vietnam


Han River Swing Bridge is the only turning bridge in Vietnam and is famous for its unique and creative design with a central span that can be rotated to serve the travel of large boats on the Han River. Han River Bridge has long become a symbol of the city. Coming to Da Nang, watching the Han River Bridge rotate is one of the most special and most anticipated moments of tourists. You can watch the bridge at 23h00 – 24h00 every Saturday and Sunday. In addition, the swing bridge also shows the strength and solidarity of the people as well as the government in Da Nang when the funds to build the bridge are completely voluntary contributions by the people.



10. The most livable city in Vietnam


It is an outstanding point in many fields during the past years, along with the stable climate, people, and “times and favorable conditions”, all of which have created a unique brand and identity of the city by the river. Korea, is the pride of Da Nang people in particular and Vietnamese people in general. Not only that, Da Nang is also home to a very famous welfare policy: “5 nos”: no hungry households, no wandering beggars, no illiterate people, no drug addicts in the community, no killing. people to rob. “3 have”: have a house, have a job, have a civilized urban lifestyle. “4 security”: Security and order, traffic safety, food safety and social security.

For all the above reasons, Da Nang really deserves to be voted the most livable city in Vietnam. After reading this article, you already have the answer to why Da Nang is the most livable city in Vietnam, right? There is nothing more wonderful than when this dynamic and beautiful city is one of the destinations that many tourists visit when coming to Vietnam. If you have never been here, let yourself experience and immerse yourself in this most livable land in Vietnam. Come to Da Nang at least once in your life so you won’t regret it!

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