Da Nang is an ideal tourist destination, a green, clean and beautiful city with many attractive entertainment venues. When coming to Da Nang, you should not miss the following 5 things. These will make your trip more complete. Let’s follow along!


1. Exploring Hai Van Pass


The famous coastal route with great scenery on both sides of the road is a great point at Hai Van Pass. However, the pass is quite difficult to go so to avoid trouble, you can hire a local driver for the safest trip. And don’t forget to stop to take in the breathtaking scenery along the way which is admired by people all over the world for its beauty.


2. Taste all the snacks of the city


Da Nang is a paradise of tourism and cuisine, and snacks are no exception. Who in Da Nang does not know about the rice paper with soy sauce, sandwiches, jackfruit, snails,…, “saw down” so many young people. In Da Nang every day, when going down the street, you will encounter many small shops on the sidewalk, or gather in snack areas at Con market, Han market, famous salt yogurt area at the foot of Tran Thi Ly bridge. which certainly is not unknown to students of the Danang University of Economics. Each snack has a different taste and deliciousness, so it would be a pity if you missed any dish in Da Nang.


3. Wake up early to catch the sunrise on the sea


Favored by nature, endowed with unspoiled landscapes, each beach here has its own beauty and brings different feelings to visitors. In particular, watching the sunrise on the beach of Da Nang is an experience that is hard to ignore in the journey to discover the beauty of this city. Before the sun came up, although the waves were still pounding relentlessly on the sandy shore, heaven and earth looked so still. However, just a few minutes later, visitors will quickly detect a pink streak on the horizon. That streak of light grew larger and spread across the sky. The scene was like a painting carefully painted with each color. As the sun rose, the pink color diminished until there was only a bright patch of light in the distance. The sea woke up completely, becoming more and more deep blue. The natural scenery makes it hard for visitors to take their eyes off.


4. Conquering Ba Na Hills


Referring to Da Nang, it is impossible to ignore the name Ba Na Hills – a fairyland in the world. Ba Na Hills is favored by locals and tourists with many different nicknames such as “the second Da Lat” or the “second Sapa” of Vietnam, the “climate pearl” of the central region. That alone is enough to see how the beauty of this place makes people feel moved.


With an altitude of more than 1400 m above sea level, the scenery of Ba Na Hills seems to be engulfed in clouds, making this place bring a hazy and cool beauty to the highlands. From the top of the mountain, you will easily observe the vast scenery of the Truong Son mountains. You will go from astonishment, to awe and then to absolute comfort at the moment here. An interesting experience in Ba Na Hills is taking the cable car. You will feel like you are walking on clouds, floating in infinite space. The world’s longest single-wire cable car system has made Da Nang famous near and far.


5. Watch the Dragon Bridge spray water and spitfire


For visitors to Da Nang city, watching the fire-breathing Dragon Bridge is one of the most anticipated moments. Through many changes, now Da Nang city has agreed on the time to organize fire and water spraying at Dragon Bridge at 21:00 every Saturday, Sunday, and on major holidays of the year. This time will be a reasonable time frame for people and visitors, especially children, to easily admire the unique beauty when the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spits fire and sprays water.


6. Skydiving on My Khe beach


With favorable weather conditions and space for skydiving, therefore, when it comes to Da Nang tourism, visitors can not only enjoy impressive skydiving performances but also enjoy swimming in the sea. Bluewater is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet in Da Nang. Visitors can rent a hot air balloon to try the thrill for 200,000 -300,000 VND a ticket, fly at an altitude of 50m for 5-7 minutes; price of 8-10 million VND for a ticket to fly freely at an altitude of 500m.

7. Boating on the Han River


Da Nang tourism is more beautiful when the city lights up and also to “live a little slower”, tourists can take a Dragon boat to enjoy the view around the city, enjoy the cool breeze of the Han River.



8. Climbing Marble Mountains


It is a system of 5 limestone mountains, named after the 5 elements in the Marble Mountains. The mountain most exploited for tourism is Thuy Son with a system of caves and temples in the heart of the mountain, bringing a sacred atmosphere among majestic nature. The attractions in Ngu Hanh Son are Linh Ung Pagoda (where there is a 10m high statue of Shakyamuni Buddha), Huyen Khong cave, Am Phu cave, Linh Nham cave, Non Nuoc stone carving village…


9. Exploring Son Tra Peninsula


Dubbed as a green island in the middle of a vibrant coastal city, the liberal and majestic scenery of nature but no less gentle and charming Son Tra peninsula attracts a large number of tourists to visit and explore. Cross the rocky slopes, conquer the mountain and set foot on the top of Son Tra, look out into the distance, stretch your chest and breathe in the fresh air blowing in from the ocean, listen to the birds chirping, looking at the mischievousness of monkeys and monkeys… all the fatigue in daily life will be dispelled, leaving only the most wonderful emotions.

– Currently, the road is quite convenient, so you can come here by motorbike or car.

– The most favorable time to visit Son Tra peninsula is from March to September

– Some attractive destinations in Son Tra peninsula: Vong Canh house, Ban Co peak, thousand-year-old banyan tree, Linh Ung pagoda


10. Walking around the city at night


Da Nang at night brings a beauty that is both bustling and peaceful. Bustling is when the whole city is lit by colorful lights, famous landmarks such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge exude elegance and irresistible beauty. You can go around the city to explore, enjoy the specialties on the street corner or sip a cup of coffee in a shop that has a view of the magnificent city.

In addition, when Da Nang also gives you many other interesting experiences such as fishing, scuba diving, mud bathing,… Da Nang no matter how many times it is still not enough to explore. Because the beauty of this place is a harmonious combination between the nature of the mountains and the sea and the luxurious city full of excitement. This summer, please schedule immediately to join Da Nang tours to come to this fairyland.

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